Aldo Requena
Photo: Signo

I am a self-taught artist based in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, specializing in creature design, conceptual art, cover art/pin-ups, and illustration for film, computer games, music and advertising. My style of work incorporates fantasy, horror, science fiction and supernatural themes. I provide and reinforce with artistic armament to clients of all calibers - established names and new rising acts; from all around the globe.

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My breakthrough came in 2003 working on graphic and web design operations with the Metal bands LOST HORIZON from Sweden, and FEANOR & SKILTRON from Argentina. In 2005, I produced my first cover art for the album "Revenge" of the Germans PARAGON. By the time I get into the digital world, I had a full roster of clients and partners worldwide. In 2008, I established my artistic firm HAMMERBLAZE (, to develop graphic productions within the extreme music and publishing industries. I have been involved in different projects with bands (LOST HORIZON, BLACK MAJESTY, SKILTRON, WIZARD, PARAGON, FEANOR, HOLYHELL, MARTIN WALKYIER and many more); publications and record labels (METAL-RULES.COM, METALICA ZINE, MASSACRE RECORDS, WACKEN METAL BATTLE ARGENTINA, HELLION, ICARUS MUSIC, REMEDY RECORDS, VIC RECORDS). I did illustrations for video games (GAME OF WAR and VAIN OF GLORY). I created concept art for a story depicting the life of Scottish folk hero William Wallace by author and fight director Seoras Wallace (BRAVEHEART, GLADIATOR films), to later be presented as referencial art for a TV series project in the UK.

My current/latest projects as well as ongoing part-time commitments include:

  • Working with BARAKACINE Producciones on the upcoming Argentinian film: "NECRONOMICON". I'm creating the interior pages of the Book Of The Dead. The movie is currently been filmed, and it's directed by Marcelo Schapces, written by Luciano Saracino and Ricardo Romero, leading actor by Diego Velázquez and counting with the presence and participation of Cecilia Rosetto, Daniel Fanego and Federico Luppi.
  • Founder / Art director of the artistic firm HAMMERBLAZE for the metal music industry.
  • Co-founder / Art Producer of the musical project FLASH-BACK 2029.
  • Working on future design projects with the Argentinian studio, TWISTED FACTORY.
  • Member of the creative team of KINGDOM, a comic book project with base in England.
  • Online store for premium quality art prints available at